Hand-painted chalkboard mugs, delivered

with their chalk

You want to have a unique mug or make a gift to your friends, family, partner...? The customization is THE solution.




You want to thank your colleagues, unite your team's members and have a product that makes your company more attractive thanks to a unique style?

The cups being hand-crafted, each piece is unique for a same model

The options

Customize your mug from A to Z

You can choose your mug, the drawing, the panorama of the city or neighbourhood you like.

And what about a composition with your favorite places?

Let’s travel together... 

You want to customize a mug you already have?

No problem, just bring it and Alice in Montréal deals with personalizing it!


The prices

Imported mugs


The imported mugs can be customized according to your wishes. They will represent your favorite pattern with the most simple and refined design possible.


Imported mugs with engraved details


The imported mugs with engraved details represent your favorite pattern with as many details as possible.

Your mug and the pattern you’ve chosen will look exactly the same!


Mugs made in Québec

The mugs made in Québec are mugs created by ceramicists based in Québec on which there is the panorama of the city you love or the drawing you prefer.

It’s a 100% original and handmade mug!




To order or ask any question about the different types of customization, please feel free to contact us filling the following form

 Alice in Montréal is specialized in chalkboard, we only use black chalboard paint. Please note that no other color is available for the moment.


2015 - crée par Alice in Montréal.                                                                                                                                                                        alice.in.montreal@hotmail.fr

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